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Karate For Kids

Karate for Kids enhance: Respect, Courtesy, Self-Control, etc. which leads to new Life Skills, Better Grades, reducing ADD/ADHD issues, less Bullying, Self-Defense, and better at Home Behavior.

Family Training Programs

Our Family Training program will give your family an activity that everyone can agree on and enjoy. As a family you will gain physical fitness, learn self-defense, and build a stronger bond. The family that trains together, stays together.

Bully Prevention

Our Bully Prevention program will give your child the skills to handle any situation. Teaching physical fitness, self defense, and building self-confidence, we will prepare your child for this ever-changing world. They will never be a victim again.


"Absolutely wonderful place to have a Birthday Party! My son celebrated his 5th Birthday there. The instructors were so great with the kids and they all had a blast. They even decorated and provided pizza. I would highly recommend this place!"
Julie Ann Bannan
"My grandson loves it everyone there is so nice and they respect the kids as much as the kids respect them."
Kim Rushbrook Miller
"It’s wonderful and they are so great with the kids"
Shannon Flores
"They offer Great hours for before school care and after school care, they transport the children to and from school. The instructors and staff are very professional and respectful. Mrs. Kim’s affection and love for the kids is very genuine. They teach not only martial arts, self defense but also self confidence and more importantly Respect."
Donna Olmedo Forbes
"Everyone is like a family to me whether it be the parents or the staff that work here. They are really dedicated to the business. Everything in the school is very thought out and very unique when it comes to a martial arts school. I would recommend this school for all people."
Natalie Nguyen

Kids Love Martial Arts Classes at

American Family Center

We are excited to meet your family. Martial Arts can help your children develop life-long skills that will benefit them at home, in school with better grades, and in everyday life with enhanced courtesy and respect. We are VERY proud of how our karate kids excel in the community after just a short time of being a martial art student. Click the button below and select a program that best fits your needs.

Bully Prevention Classes at


No one should ever become a target or victim in life, though unfortunately for most of us, it is almost inevitable to occur in some form at some point. American Family Center Karate takes bullying very seriously and stands up to protect youth within the community. Martial Arts students learn to stand up for themselves and others, to stand firm and proud!

Teen & Adult Martial Arts Classes at


Our Martial Arts classes for teens and adults are Top-Notch. Our Instructors are actively involved with each student and the benefits our program has on and off the mat. From safely taught self defense skills to physical fitness our adult program delivers real world results for this ever-changing world. Our community members in Alexandria, VA love the classes and what we have to offer for our student base and their families.

Advantages of Martial Arts Training at

American Family Center

At AFCKarate our professional Instructors are ready to serve our community from karate kids to adults. We strive to make your martial arts class a personalized experience as we realize many of our students have enrolled for multiple reasons. If you live near or around Alexandria, VA please give us a call or complete any form on this site to receive your website special offer. Our program directors and Martial Arts instructors will reach out to you and schedule your first lesson and offer a tour of our academy.


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